EMI/EMC Calibration

EMI/EMC determines whether a device or system will create an electromagnetic disturbance and interfere with the operations of other devices. When you have properly calibrated testing equipment, you are assured of accurate measurements related to the electromagnetic compatibility of a product or system. The equipment that measures or generates electromagnetic fields must be calibrated periodically to verify proper operations.

Offerings Technical Specification Description
Combination Wave Surge Generator Calibratio
Voltage Amplitude: (± 0.5 kV to ± 20 kV) Voltage Front Time: 1.2 µs to 10 µs Voltage Pulse Width: 50 µs to 700 µs Current Amplitude: (± 0.25 kA to ± 3.0 kA) Current Front Time: 8 µs Current Pulse Width: 20 µs
Combination Wave Surge (Generator HV o/p and CDN o/p) Parameters: Voltage Amplitude, Pulse Front Time, Pulse width, Current, Amplitude, Current Front Time, Current Pulse Width
Coupling / Decoupling Network Calibration
Voltage Division Factor: 1dB to 60dB (9kHz to 300MHz) Decoupling: 9kHz to 300MHz Common Mode Impedance: 1 Ω to 300 Ω
Voltage division factor, impedance, decoupling of common mode disturbance
Damped Oscillatory Wave Generator Calibration
Calibration for all range
Voltage Amplitude, Pulse Rise Time, Oscillation Period, Repetition rate
EFT Test generator Calibration
Pulse Amplitude: (± 125 V to ± 5 kV) Rise Time: 5 ns Pulse Width: 50 ns Repetition Frequency: 5 kHz (200 µs) Burst Duration: 0.75 ms to 15 ms Burst Period: 300 ms
Electrical Fast Transient (Single/ Three Phase, 5KHz-100KHz); Pulse Amplitude, Pulse Rise Time, Pulse width, Repetition Rate, Burst Duration, Burst Period
EM Clamp Calibration
Coupling Factor/ Coupling Loss: 9 kHz to 20 GHz
Coupling factor, Coupling loss
EMI Receiver Calibration
Return Loss (VSWR): 9 kHz to 20 GHz (1 dB to 46 dB) Display Error of Detectors with Pulses: (Peak, Quasi-Peak, RMS-Average, BAND A, PRF: Isolated, 1Hz to 100Hz/BAND B, PRF: Isolated, 1Hz to 1 kHz BAND C/D, PRF: Isolated, 1Hz to 1 kHz/ Display Error of Detectors with Sinusoidal Signals: 9 kHz to 18 GHz
VSWR, Display Error of detectors-pulses (Peak, Quasipeak, RMS, Average) Display error of detectors-sinusoidal signal
ESD Generator Calibration
Contact Discharge current: First Peak current Ipk and Current at tns: 15 A to 112.5 A (± 2 kV ± 30 kV) Rise/Fall Time: 0.6 ns to 1 ns (up to 30kV) Air discharge DC voltage: ±(2-30kV)
First Peak Current, Rise time, Current at t1 and t2
LISN Calibration
Insertion Loss /RF Attenuation: 0dB to 60dB (9kHz to 1GHz) Phase Angle: -90° to 90 ° (9kHz to 600MHz) Isolation: 2dB to 60dB (9kHz to 300MHz) Impedance: 1 W to 300 W (9kHz to 300MHz)
Single/ Three Phase/DC; Parameters: Insertion loss, Impedance, Isolation, Phase angle
Pre-Amplifier Calibration
Gain: 9 kHz to 20 GHz (10 dB to 70 dB), Return Loss VSWR 9 kHz to 20 GHz
Gain, Return Loss, VSWR
Ring Wave Generator Calibration
Ring Wave Generator Calibration
Ring Wave Generator Calibration